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Why become a Partner of Store24hour?
  • Brick & mortar stores have become increasingly difficult to sustain in today's world. Now we are in the online phase, where everything is done using the internet. Obviously online stores have bloomed everywhere.
  • Grab this opportunity and reap the fruits of the online boom by becoming a Partner of Store24hour and help the traditional local retailer .

Formation of chain of merchants

What is listing? The partner persuades the local retailers to sell on Store24hour


Pricing, offers, delivery options are conducted in a transparent manner, hence will attract buyers. Flexibility
  • Store24hour assists in technological support to both partner & merchant.
  • The Partner gets its revenue from Store24hour
  • Store24hour offers an irruptive preposition for partnership in new geography
  • Store24hour not only enables the merchant to display his products & prices ,but also helps his brick & mortar shop in gaining visibility among the people of the city.
  • Store24hour thus makes the traditional retailer famous.
  • A must if you want to survive in today‚Äôs market.
  • This can compensate fewer footfalls that affect traditional retailers.
  • An added VISIBILITY that only expensive ads can get you.

About Store24hour

  • Store24hour is one of the fastest growing grocery e-tailing brand in India lead by a group of renowned professional and entrepreneurs.
  • Store24hour is creating most efficient supply chain in FMCG Market at PAN India level.
  • Store24hour supply chain model is based on collaboration and cost optimization which is fast scalable.
  • Store24hour has an innovative model for customer acquisition and retention.

Why Store24hour is a Good Business Idea

  • Easy to setup and operate business
  • Low to Medium Investment
  • Fast Growth
  • Captive customers
  • Fixed and assured Margins
  • Low Gestation Period
  • Better ROI than any other opportunity
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Teach Enabled Business
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Break Even within 6 months
  • Payback period with 18 months
  • Training on all processes and procedures
  • Minimal Risk
How and when do I get paid?
  • Merchant settlements are done weekly. For further details, please contact our customer care +91-9792188105

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