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Merchant's FAQ

  • What all documents are required to register with Store24hour?
  • 1. Merchant Registration – Form A.
  • 2. Merchant Registration – Form B.
  • 3. Copy of Shop Establishment Certificate.
  • 4. Copy of VAT Registration Certificate (if applicable).
  • 5. Cancelled Blank Cheque.
  • 6. Copy of PAN/TAN.
  • 7. Copy of Service Tax Registration Letter (if applicable).
  • 8. Address Proof. and Visiting Card.

Listing And Catalog

What is listing?
  • What is listing?
How many products do I need to list to start selling?
  • There is no basic limit to the number of products to be uploaded.
How do I list my products on Store24hour?
  • Merchants have to simply access Product upload -> Add products option Get the products approved through admin Products ‘go live’.
Can I get help for development of catalog (product images, description, etc.)?
  • Yes our support team will be there to help you out.
How do I price my products?
  • It is advisable to price products competitively (on the basis of best price & rating by customer merchant will get the preference of their product).
Will I get charged for listing products on Store24hour?
  • No. Listing of products is free of cost at www.Store24hour.com.
What all products can be listed in Store24hour?
  • Product listing can be done category wise. A brief summary is as follows:
Managed Market Place
  • Fruits, Vegetables, Grocery, Meat & poultry, Hosiery, Beauty & Personal Care, Sweets, Bakery, Baby Care
Open Market Place
  • Home Appliances, Perfume, Jewelleries, Gifts, Mobiles, Sports Goods, Furniture, Footwear, Fashion accessory, Kids Toys, Electronic items, Stationery, Home décor, Electrical items, Many others
Open Market Place
  • Product is divided into two sub menus.
  • 1. Product Upload.
  • 2. Approved Product List.
  • As a merchant, you need to provide list of products with rates & details. Rest will be managed by Store24hour


Who can sell on Store24hour?
  • • Store24hour provides an opportunity to the local traditional retailers, wholesalers, service providers of the city to make a very comprehensive and viable presence in the fast growing ecommerce segment by partnering on a win-win proposition.
How do I sell on Store24hour?
  • Merchant who wish to partner with us, can log on to merchant.Store24hour.com and register themselves. Merchants can contact our customer care +91-9792188105
When can I start selling?
  • Once the e-shop of merchants are created and hosted on the portal, products are ready-to-be-sold.
Where all I can sell my products?
  • Merchants products are showcased to thousands of buyers across India through our hassle-free processes and team of professionals.
What is my reach across India?
  • • Store24hour is the online store having a localized presence in Lucknow offering a wide range of products like Fruits, Fresh Vegetables, Exotic Fruits and Vegetables, Groceries, Electronics, Home Décor, Fashion, Lifestyle, Electricals, Lightings etc. at the most competitive prices from local stores. Store24hour is empowering the local merchants, retailers and vendors to sell their products and services and a range of more than 50000+ products are listed. Store24hour is your one-stop online marketplace where you name the product, and you get it.
When can I start selling?
  • Once the e-shop of merchants are created and hosted on the portal, products are ready-to-be-sold.

Cancellations & Returns Related

What happens if order is placed using online payment mode but the order could not be completed? How can I get refund?

In case your online payment is rejected by the Payment Gateway or the order could not be completed and in case the payment got deducted from your Debit/Credit Card, rest assured, it will be transferred back to your account within seven business days. In case you still face problem, write to us at payments@store24hour.com or call our Customer Care at 09792188105. We shall be more than happy to be at your service and support.

What about promotions and advertising?
  • In order to help the retailers to promote their establishments among the genuine and targeted customers, promotion of Retail Establishment are done via:
  • a) Banner ads.
  • b) Ads per Click including Facebook promotions, digital marketing, Offline Co-branding and Promotion.
  • Continuous promotion of retailers via portal among target audience will ensure large number of visitors to the market place.

Pricing And Payments

Who decides the price of the product?

Merchant will decide the price of their product.

What are the fees charged?
  • For fees and other related further queries, please contact our customer care +91-9792188105.
What is Commission fee and how much commission is charged?
  • Commission rate is based on the plans registered with. For further queries, please contact our customer care +91-9792188105.
How and when do I get paid?
  • Merchant settlements are done weekly. For further details, please contact our customer care +91-9792188105
What is the procedure for payment settlement?
  • Merchant payments are settled over a 7 day payment cycle period after successful completion of delivery by logistics team and submission of requisite documents
What is the duration for payment settlement?
  • For all orders from Sunday to Saturday to be settled every week on Wednesdays.

Order Management And Shipping

How do I manage my orders on store24hour?

You are provided with a separate merchant portal to maintain your order & track delivery (link- merchant.store24hour.com

Do I need to courier my products to store24hour?
  • We provide pick-up service of orders along with home delivery service through our in house logistic team. There is no need to courier products by merchants.
Does store24hour provide packaging material?
  • No, store24hour does not provide packaging material to merchants.
How are you going to do pick up for the products?
  • Our pickup partner will pick the products from your given address with required details & delivered the products to the customer.
How are you going to deliver the products?
  • Products pick-up takes place as per designated time.Products packaging takes place accordingly & delivered.
Who takes care of the delivery of my products?
  • store24hour has its own in-house logistics teams who ensures timely order pick-up and delivery services of the products from merchants to customers.
What should I do if my area is not serviceable by store24hour?
  • Merchant support required for product pick up. Merchants can opt to stock their merchandise with us.

Return And Seller Protection

Category wise detailed return and damaged policy is there & are shared at time of registration.